Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday 8/4

Hi all, Colette again- today's travels were uneventful, thank goodness, we have the car back, minus one hubcap. As we were driving today Barb commented on the fact that Troy, the driver of our other vehicle was speeding, we made fun of him the night of the flat for going so slow - I told Barb no mocking of Troy's driving because that only leads to trouble. We are here in St. Lucia tonight, the girls, Emily, Meredith, Allie and Aunt Barb, Kelli, Ellen and Rosemary went shopping in town, Henry worked on the video presentation and Troy was in charge of Adia and Jonah at the pool and Ellen who is 13 hung back to help her Dad. - we did some bartering and found some interesting things - Jeff look out I found you a wonderful gift to celebrate our 25 years of marriage - Emily, Meredith, Kelli, Alli, Rosemary and I visited the hospital in Eshowe today. To see the patients with no privacy from us and the difference between our health care in America and the health care here - there is a great need to educate people on personal hygiene, AIDS, etc. We visited the Boardwalk in Eshowe which is a nature preserve ( being the city girl I am I thought the Boardwalk meant shopping! We are having a marvelous time here - everyone is so friendly and king - tomorrow we will be visiting another school and taking a boat ride safari. Jeff and Steve, Emily and I miss and love you - Julie do you still have the smock??????


  1. I love hearing about your adventures. I think every teen I know should go on this trip and see the schools,students and hospital, so they could appreciate what they have at home!
    Enjoy your safari and be safe. Oh, no, I have no smocks in my house and I even think Drug Town is out of business!
    Love, Julie

  2. What an adventure you are on and how everyone is helping to make a difference!

    Colette... no slot machines... are you OK? HA. Love you. J

  3. Barb, Just got your message left for me on Monday. I assume you handled everything over there - please let me know if you need any duties performed on this side of the ocean on your behalf. Thanks to all of you for the detailed tales of your travels...I am with Uncle Jeff - what a difference you make. We miss you all - you too Meredith. Love, Mary