Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday 8/9

Hello from Colette! We are in Johannesburg tonight and tomorrow night - we had a wonderful and exciting time at Hilltop and we saw a wedding when we arrived at our location in Piet Ritief (sp) - we spent most of the day in the car today - Barb, Ellen, Emily, Meredith and I traveled together in the car, little scary when our gas light went on ( Dad I told Barb she should have know the mpg or kpg before she started driving but she didn't listen :-) Anyhoo we took a leap of faith and got off at an exit we thought we saw a gas station at from the hwy and AMEN - Ellen and I had to use the loo - lets just say the accomodations were quite interesting and I knew we were in trouble when she handed me a key - we went to the aparthied (sp) museum this afternoon, sorry about my spelling I am just really tired tonight - just incredible to see - Emily and my time is running out, we are not heading to Malawi, we leave on Tuesday to head back to the states! More later! Shout out to Julie T and a very happy birthday to Michael Johnson (24 today) and Dave Tantillo (49 i think)

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  1. Hey Colette and follow travelers!! Thank you all for sharing your adventures and thoughts on this trip. Dave says thanks for the bday wishes and yes, he's 49! Safe travels home.
    Love, Julie