Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colette,Emily, Adia and Gogo girl return safely

The four of us arrived safely back in the states and I trust Colette and Emily returned home safely to Wisconsin as did Adia and I to Minneapolis. It is 2:15 in the AM went to bed at 9:30 PM and slept till 1:00 so not sure if it is my "regular" insomnia which acts up sometime and the jetlag I am experiencing but now I am wide awake.
It is great to read the blog and learn that the rest of the group is relaxing and safe in Malawi. Sounds wonderful altho our decision to return early was a good one; confirmed by the 2 block long run down the airport hallway by Adia to her mom and dad once she spied them. It was just like in the movies--her running to jump into their arms--brought tears to my eyes. And thank goodness there was plenty of room in the hallway as she was still running with her swivelling carry on bag...wished I had had my camera going but my attempt to recharge my battery b/4 leaving Joberg fizzled so I was out of juice. Yes, some of us "pensioners" are still technically challenged by all the electronic operations. I was identified as a "pensioner" several times at the museums--but it did get me Sr. Citizen rates which helped save money for the admissions so that was good.
Even though we returned early she learned a lot and she had quite the conversation with one of our airplane travellers explaining to them about the conditions of the schools and the toilets and how much the children like to learn. She was so impressed with the fact that even when the teacher is out sick the children still come to school, do their work and behave--not like what she experiences when they have a substitute teacher! This is one of the facts she repeatedly tells others about what she learned.
Our travels back were uneventful, thank goodness after having to run through the Atlanta airport to make our plane to Joberg and getting on as the last 2 passengers and then the doors closed and we were off. So no excitement this time.
Adia and I had a great time travelling back played cards, visited about our trip and we both slept on plane this time she for about 5 -6 hours and myself a couple. We took Henry's advice on how to deal with jetlag as her mom/dad/ grandpa and Aunt Melissa and I all went to have a pasta lunch at her favorite Noodles restaurant and then came home to crash. However, as it turned out neither of us slept in the afternoon as we were both still so pumped from the trip.
One sadness is that we discovered that we somehow lost Adia's camera at the hotel in our last hour or so of being there. I have called the hotel and they are looking but I am afraid it is gone...but we are praying to St. Anthony to find it-- Colette, please send me that funny little verse you "Ryan" girls had about St Anthony as I was trying to tell my family about it and would like to get it correct. email address is, so when you get a minute I would so appreciate it. Thanks and hoping we can meet again.
Be well, Rosemary

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