Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello everyone


  1. This is Lori. Wow...I don't know where to start. We spent the last few days at Hluhluwe Game park. Lions and tigers and bears...oh my. Well sort of. The first night (which was freaking cold!!) we went on an evening safari and ran across a herd of elephants. It was an unbelievable feeling watching these massive animals walk SO close to the jeep. Our guide warned us not to take pictures or talk -- not a good idea to startle an African elephant! The night was so still and all we could hear for a bit was the sound of them walking through the grass. At one point a "smaller" elephant started advancing towards the jeep and our guide started the jeep right away and got out of there...the "small" elephant could probably have flipped our jeep over with little effort! They are just unbelievably beautiful. We also were lucky enough to have several close encounters with giraffe, quite a few rhino, zebra, cape buffalo, nyalas, impala, mongoose, duyker etc. etc. Not to mention the birds! We have been blessed with multiple sightings of large elephant herds with young ones. Just so awesome words can't even express it. Hilltop Camp was great -- wonderful weather, comfortable accomodations. Can't ask for more! Tomorrow we get back into Johannesburg and will be going on a tour of Soweto. It was pretty hard to rip us out of the game park. Unfortunately the trip will be over all too soon. I'll write more later! Love to you all! Lori

  2. Lori,
    I am so happy for you honey. I can't imagine all the emotion when you have to say good bye. This is kinda funny about evening safari. Alicia was just telling me to not go out at night in africa because this is the time when lions like to hunt for food. She said they really go after the elephants. I AM GLAD ALL OF YOU MADE IT BACK SAFE.......

  3. I was out the loop for awhile and missed some of your posts - your trip sounds like it was fantastic. I can't imagine the memories you have brought home with you - you will cherish them for a lifetime....but don't run off and move to Africa...I wouldn't like that very much!!