Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saobonani from the Feld

Ellen, Em and Meredith here. We've been having a splendid adventure! We have created a new reality show--Barb and Colette's African Adventure. Yesterday, caravanning home from one of the schools, we added an episode to the new hit reality show. As Barb was zipping along the road, she bounced her little white vehicle through quite a large pot hole--popping 2 of the tires and losing 2 hubcaps. MIchael and Troy, the adventurers, hiked up the road to fetch the lost hubcaps. In the meanwhile, the ladies had to potty. We took an adventure of our own across the road into the sugar cane. We then proceeded to drop and squat. In the act, Ali and Barb were quite surprised by headlights of passing cars. Ellen got trapped by barbed wire around her feet. Yet, she escaped--Thankfully!
That was an exciting episode 1 of Barb and Colettes African Adventure. Stay tuned for more of the jawdropping journey.

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