Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello everyone -- this is Lori! Here we are in South Africa after traveling from Malawi. I have to say Malawi was unbelievably wonderful, the warmth of the people is intoxicating. In Malawi, which is a very poor country, people walk or ride bicycle everywhere...along the side of the highway...people (children!) walking so close to the very narrow road it is scary. Not to mention the goats...and the cattle that don't necessarily stick to the lane they are supposed to be in! The landscape here is in South Africa is completely different -- very lush and green with sugar cane growing everywhere (out in the country). In Malawi it is very dry with very little green but still beautiful. Yesterday we visited two schools...the first is sorely in need of a proper classroom. Currently the children attend school in buildings that were built to house farm workers and are very small and run down. As we pulled into the school the children ran out singing and started running circles around the car -- they were SO happy to have us visit. They gave us a beautiful performance of song and dance before we left and also a meal of beef and ensema (corn meal). The second school used to hold class in an old church which now is run down and falling apart. Now, they are thankful to have the new classrooms that were donated. Again, the children put on an amazing performance for us. One little girl recited a poem about how thankful they are for the new shelter from the weather. It was pretty heart wrenching. The next two days we visit more schools, hopefully a hospital as well and possibly a guided birdwatching trip, then off to St. Lucia and safari's. All my love to everyone!!

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