Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eshowe Hospital

Hi everyone this is Ali, I've been convinced by Barb and co to blog for my poor fathers sake, hi dad. We left Eshowe this morning after visiting the hospital and shopping a little downtown. The hospital was quite a place, I've never been anywhere like it. In no way does it compare to the hospitals in MN, there was someone sweeping up at least three big piles of dust in every room. We saw about two single person rooms, the rest were designed for four patients. Each ward smelled so strongly of sanitizer it was hard not to cover my nose and mouth, in some rooms it felt like I was tasting the chemicals. Although the building was falling apart and the equipment was outdated, the staff there seemed determined to overcome those obstacles. Most were very friendly and caring with the patients, it was hard to imagine working so hard everyday in such a sad place.
Sorry to cut off so abruplty but its time to eat here in St. Lucia in our beautiful resort-like hotel. Sam, I can't wait to see your beard. Bye everyone


  1. Ali thank you for blogging, your words describing your visit and trip boost my spirits on a day that has been very demanding. Keep it up; your Dad appreciates not only your words but the folks who you are traveling with and their encouragement to blog. Thank you to those who have been encouraging Ali's blogging. I am deeply indebted to you.
    Ali Sam's beard is coming in nicely, I am a little jealous.

    Gerry, Maggie and Sam

  2. Ali, Like Dad, for me it's something of a comfort to hear your words. Your description of the hospital expands my world a bit. I don't know that I can even imagine such destitution.
    Sam's beard is the color of my Grandpa Dominic's hair; some of my Italian heritage that does contrast the color of Sam's hair beautifully.