Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hi all, Barb asked me to post some pictures when I returned - well being the technological whiz I am this is about my 5th attempt to figure out - hopefully this will go through and you will onlly receive the pictures I chose and not all of my pictures - hmmm. I think Emily and I are finally on our home time zone - my re-entry was a little slower than my youthful daughters! Our flight home was rather comical - first we were to leave for the airport on the 2:30 shuttle - which they forgot about us and so we left at 3:00 - no big deal since we learned when we got to the airport that the check in gate did not open until 4:30, but it was hilarious to watch the van driver and hotel employees run in circles trying to find the keys to the van - finally they connected and we were off to the airport. Once our bags were checked we did some final shopping and then headed off to find a place to relax prior to our flight - we met this delightful woman named Margie who asked us if we would watch her bag while she ran to the can - she said she would be right back - well 30 min later she still had not returned - Emily and I were wondering if we were on candid camera, if we had just been handed something dangerous or illegal - finally Margie reappeared and she had been crying, apparently she got lost and couldn't find us - we had her join us and she shared that she was going to the states to visit her twin sister so they could celebrate their 70th birthdays together! Hopefully the rest of her travels were uneventful! When Emily and I finally arrived in Milwaukee I went to get my bag and it had been chewed apart by the baggage machine - just one more little detour to take care of before we made it home. Jeff and Steve were both at work when we got home so we both decided that we would sleep and wake up around the time they came home - needless to say that did not happen we both slept through until the next morning - great sleep! I had to get up and go to work and that was a very long day! We had a marvelous time on our trip and we are both looking forward to returning again soon - Barb and Henry safe and fun travels with your next group - Barb watch the potholes in Eshowe! Meredith, Allie, Troy, Kellie, Ellen & Jonah by now you are hopefully on your flight to Atlanta - we wish you safe and uneventful travels! Colette & Emily

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