Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy in Lilongwe

Hi all, Barb here. We've arrived in Lilongwe and are lounging away at Annamaria and Ketema's home. We are so grateful for their generous hospitality. Dinner is being prepared. The adults are lounging on the veranda and the kids are playing ping pong, volley ball and jumpin' on the tramp.

I, personally, am extra happy to be here because I nearly spent another eve in Jo'burg. We had a bit of a scramble at the Jo'burg airport - long time to return rental cars, wrong credit card given by HB to the gang to check in and then the surprise reminder that my ticket was on a separate record. "I am sorry but the flight is closed. you cannot fly, Ms. Ryan. You are too late." Whaaaatttt???!! It was a wonderful gift from our guardian angels that, after some serious persuading by Henry, and the fortunate fact that my bag had been checked, that they re-opened the flight so I could join my gang. Whew!!!!

The flight went smoothly. You gotta love South African air that still gives you a meal on short flights like this one - just over two hours.

We moved through passport control and customs well, fetched money (except for me cuz my card is denied), got new SIM cards for our cell phones and went to inspect our van from Sputnik rentals. More on that later. Mostly just wanted to let you all know we are here happy and safe.

We will be here in this city for a couple of days before heading out to Lake Malawi, Zomba Mountain and then Mua Mission. It's great to be here - easy pace and mouse kebobs! More later. B

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