Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gettin' ready to go

Hi visitors. Barb here. With a few Group 1 travelers en route, the majority of us head out tomorrow, Friday, July 31 at 8pm-ish Eastern Time from Atlanta. And with hours to go before we board, there is much to do (get blog set up, pack, etc.). Our first stop is Durban primarily to crash - though we've got some mighty fine digs at the Tradewinds Lodge ( if you care to check it out. Too bad we'll have only about 12 hours there before heading to Eshowe to see the schools and meet students and teachers. Jump right in!

We'll do our best to post frequently even though we'll be sharing one computer and our access to the internet is often spotty. Salani kahle (stay well in Zulu). ~~ Barb

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