Friday, July 31, 2009

Atlanta Thunderstorms Prove Challengin...

Hi all. Barb here again. Writing from a challenging keyboard in the Atlanta airport. We've got travelers all over the place. Henry headed out early routing through Detroit Amsterdam and Nairobi. He is holding down the fort in Jo'burg.. Rosemary and Adia headed out yesterday and met weather challenges. THey are still enroute. The Milwaukee contingent was diverted to Chattanooga. We're still awaiting word on the flights carrying the Kesters and Allie. Meredith and I are in pile o people now residing at ATL. The friendly voices softly announces delay upon delay with apologies for the inconvenience. Its air travel at its best. No doubt we will all find our way there, evidently not as smoothly as we all envisioned. As best I can tell,all are still happy. Groovy!

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  1. Hopefully you are all happily assembled by now. The lodge looks fabulous. Nice views.